Explore your mind through writing

Proprioceptive Writing is an amazingly effective, simple writing method everyone can learn.
If you want to:

  • Find your writing voice
  • Build self-trust
  • Stimulate your creativity
  • Awaken your senses and emotions
  • Strengthen your focus
  • Look at your career from a new perspective
  • Improve your relationships
  • Make a deeper connection with your spiritual self

Start writing and surprise yourself by what you will find.

Harttaal and Proprioceptive Writing

For Wies Enthoven reading the book Writing the Mind Alive, The Proprioceptive Method for Finding your Authentic Voice changed her life. Wies: “Because of writing a book about having an illness that made doctors frown their brows, I knew how important writing can be to get more grip on life. Proprioceptive Writing offers a liberating way of exploring your own thinking.”

After studying with Linda Trichter Metcalf, Ph.D., the founder of Proprioceptive writing, Wies brought this method to the Netherlands with her company Harttaal, Language of the Heart. As a certified PW teacher she is also connected to the Proprioceptive Writing faculty in the United States.

Wies Enthoven is a certified Proprioceptive Writing teacher, Dutch teacher, journalist and writer. She has a master in Pyscholinguistics. Find out more about Wies.

Harttaal Workshops 2020

  • Upcoming 6 weeks series starts September 10: Thursdays 17:00-19.00h.(5:00-7:00 PM) CET. This is a six-week series of conference calls (Zoom) in English to explore the basics of Proprioceptive Writing for anyone based in Europe. Please contact Wies for more information or other upcoming classes.
  • Wies also does 1-on-1 sessions. Please contact Wies for more information.
  • “With Harttaal you learn to find your authentic writing voice. It’s very useful and profound. Thank you Wies for this heartwarming method that you brought from the United States. It’s definitely going to help me with the writing of my book.” Wiepke de Heij, consultant and trainer

  • “Wies, thank you for an inspiring workshop. Very interesting and a beautiful start to find out more about who I really am.” Juliette Jonker, owner VechtExclusief

  • “It helps to reflect on what happens in my life and the things that move me. It also helped me to discover my own writing voice.” Claudia Prins, Safety Officer